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spittyqueen asked:
"random question but do you reckon we'll ever get a full globe map for asoiaf? has grrm said anything (to your knowledge, sorry if this has already been answered) about whether or not the world of asoiaf is even truly spherical or flat or anything? i mean it's fantasy anything's possible really i just want a full world map IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR GRRM"


Yes, GRRM has answered the question of whether the world of ASOIAF is round:

Is your world round. I mean if Dany traveled far enough east couldn’t she come to the other side of westeros?

Yes, the world is round. Might be a little larger than ours, though.

GRRM, March, 2002

Also, do the Westerosi have the concept of a round world, or do they think it’s flat (maybe the maesters know this…)?

Interesting question. I suspect the maesters and more educated classes realize the world is round, but the common folk may still believe in a flat world.

GRRM, August 2000 (note also that “No one has ever crossed the Sunset Sea to learn what lies on the other side.”)

I sincerely doubt we’ll ever get a full globe map of ASOIAF. The Lands of Ice and Fire maps went as far as the far south-east continent of Ulthos, but even that isn’t the “new world”, whatever may lie on the other side of the Sunset Sea. And with TLoIaF, even though it includes many places we’ve never heard of before, GRRM deliberately limited the information to what the characters would know:

Some… many… wanted a world map.

Which I was reluctant to do. I like my readers to see my world as my characters see it. And the truth is, medieval maps were not very good, by modern standards. A map drawn by an Englishman in 1300 might be fairly accurate for England and maybe France, but distortions and errors would start creeping in when you got to Italy and Germany, the Russias and the Holy Land would be more distorted still, Africa was largely unknown below the Sahara (even the coasts), and further east you started getting “the realm of Prester John” and “land of the two-headed men” and “here there be dragons.”

Which I said, more or less, in numerous interviews, and which did nothing to curb the demand for maps, maps, maps… especially that world map. I try to oblige. You will find a map of the “known world” in THE LANDS OF ICE AND FIRE… one that includes lands and seas you have never seen on any of my maps before… […] Even so, it’s not a COMPLETE world map, no. The idea was to do something representing the lands and seas of which, say, a maester of the Citadel might be aware… and while the maesters know more about Asshai and the lands beyond than a medieval monk knew about Cathay, distance remains a factor, and past a certain point legends and myths will creep here. Here there be winged men, and such.

[…] These are very nice maps, I hope you will agree. Huge and beautiful, and while they DON’T show the whole world (sorry, no, you’re not going to get the Westerosi equivilent of the Americas or Antarctica or Australia, assuming such places exist), you will get a glimpse of distant lands where my characters (and thus the novels) will likely never go.

GRRM, October 2012

So, I’m afraid a full world map is too much to ask for from GRRM. Sorry!

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